Epic Adventures & Well-Being Retreats.

We need the tonic of wildness...that all things be mysterious and unexplorable, that land and sea be indefinitely wild...We can never have enough of nature. Henry David Thoreau

Retreats in 2019

In 2019 I will lead two retreats in Italy at Eremito, a unique luxurious hermitage-come-design-hotel, buried deep in the Umbrian hills with a state of the art solar heating system, an open crackling fire, and a medieval spa featuring an atmospheric thermal plunge pool and a stone steam room. (March and October 2019)

Common to all of my programs we’ll take time to relax, really relax. Be silent, really silent, and listen... a full throttle inner adventure for those whose greatest desire is to live an epic life.

Retreats at Eremito are a time for self-discovery in the footprints of monks, believers and spiritual guides—known and unknown, for the seekers of the 21st century.

I call this my Retreat of Wild Serenity, a five days/five nights in nature for experiencing inner connection/outer connection and how to join the two-- where full alignment is achieved. Shake off the habit of automatic digital connection in order to become the master of your time, your mind and your emotions to better connect with all that life can offer.

Join me on one of my inner adventures where I partner with silence and nature to guide you back to your essence, your sacred self. Learn to re-vive with all 12 of your innate senses. Become a sensual human being, as we were born to be but have forgotten. Refurbish your emotional outlook and output. Experiment your authenticity and uniqueness—or find it.

Be, con-sensually, in yourself.

When was the last time you did something for the first time in your life?

My programs, workshops and retreats help to consolidate your personal yogic and meditation practice or jumpstart a brand new one!  Being able to take time for oneself is an important step towards wellness and the big healer--auto-compassion--being kind to oneself.

I love to discover uniques places in the world where the natural environment helps to reconnect ourselves to ourselves or what I call inner ecology.  Whether by the sea or hot springs, mountains or desert, I chose each site after careful scouting sessions.


After many demands to do weekends I will continue in 2019 with a few weekend escapes to the enchantingly high vibration place by the sea and pines--Arcachon.  All inclusive, small groups (max 8) to train, practice and share wellness strategies for body, emotions, mind and belly. I will also present a new weekend retreat less than an hour from Paris where we’ll jump out of our perceived limits with the Ice Bath training inspired by the Wim Hof Method.

Private Group Retreats: Companies and Individuals

Change Your Mindset one of the retreats that I’ve been leading for 10 years in Vals, Switzerland. The energy, the land, the climat and the thermal water baths in Vals all contribute for us to open up, breath and let go. In the Change Your Mindset program you will experience first hand how to surpass your own limitations and gain awareness to better connect with your body and mind and with others. Disconnect while in fact connecting within.  I will only be organizing private group retreats to Vals from here on--if you are interested please contact me directly. 

At any time of the year I am available for your own private retreat with a minimum of 6 to 8 people in any of the places where I bring groups now or at a private place of your own choosing. My work is to combine personal and group training using the ancient practices issued from yoga coupled with today’s research in neuroscience and neurobiology to design the perfect springboard to personal alignement, health and well-being.

Consult my calendar today to obtain more information and details of these exciting opportunities to bring a higher quality of living into your life. 

photo credit: Cosmic Art Photography, Markus