Being able to take time for oneself is an important step towards a happy and healthy way of life.  The programs, workshops and retreats I teach help consolidate your awareness-based practices, jumpstart a forgotten practice or to start fresh and learn.  Often I'm told that these moments in a group setting can point the way towards the application of the teachings in a more profound way.  

I teach traditional yoga and meditation, am a senior instructor of the MBSR mindfulness based stress reduction program in France as well as a certified teacher of the Search Inside Yourself program for companies and organisations.  My years of practice, teaching and training with thousands of students are not only my inner wealth but a wealth of experience that speaks through my teaching events.  If you are interested to learn how to meditate, to improve your overall health and well being or to have more peace of mind, take time out and come: 

Epic Adventure Well-Being Retreats Whether by the sea or hot springs, mountains or desert, I chose each site after careful scouting sessions. Disconnect while in fact connecting inside.  

Flow State. I introduced my program HACK THE FLOW STATE, an intensive 5-7 day program taught in Iceland, Sri Lanka, Japan, Portugal and Vals, Switzerland. This is a program for those who chose to work together exclusively to enhance focus, inner concentration and meditation as well as learn practical lifestyle ways of being (pro and perso) This program is also offered to private groups of 6 to 12 individuals.