Workshops, Classes and Programs in Paris

In between guiding retreats to faraway places and delivering programs for companies, you can most likely find me teaching a mindfulness, yoga or mediation class in Paris.  I also do mentoring for teachers and one-on-one sessions for individuals seeking in-depth work on themselves through these awareness-based practices along with a mixture of all the other tools I've picked up along my 30 year long path.  

Being an american in Paris (arriving in 1989!) I have seen yoga* evolve from the soixante-huitards in community centers to full mainstream life in France.  I thank those first students of mine, often expats from around the world, who would gather in my yoga studio in the 16th arrondissement to learn, share and take part-- like pioneers in the (r)evolution of yoga in France.  Now, recognized by scientific research as a powerful means of transformation of body/mind health, yoga today is taught not only in studios but in schools, hospitals, community centers, and businesses.  There are mass yoga classes on the Champ de Mars or in the Grand Palais.  More people practice everyday in their homes, which has always been my goal--to teach others to practice all by themselves, empowered to step onto their mats, everyday.


I am organising with Newake an amazing day on 30th of September in Paris called CHANGE YOUR MINDSET.  I am looking forward to collaborating on different events in Paris with Newake, Chez Simone, LeServiceApp and Jess King of TNL58

*Yoga:  encompassing the eight stages human transformation : moral code, personal code, asanas, breath-work, deep relaxation, concentration, meditation and optimal being.  I include in the word "yoga" all practices I teach such as mindfulness, MBSR, meditation, preventative health practices, relaxation etc.