Future Eco Lodge in Portugal

I am so excited about this new project in Portugal.  My husband and I have purchased land in rural northern Portugal, 1 hour from the Porto International Airport.  On this land sit 8 stone ruins that were once mills, along a lovely river called Rio Tinhela. We will create an off-the-grid lodge for 12 people.  We imagine to rebuild using as much natural materials as possible, based upon old techniques that the Portugese do well.  

Our intention is reconnection with nature; water, air, wildlife, plant and minerals by providing a place for others to come and reconnect to themselves through inner-ecology. Sustainability is the primary focus.  We will explore it in many ways by offering all that we have learned from yoga, martial arts, mindfulness, meditation and a myriad of other bits of wisdom garnered over 50+ years of our lives.

Welcome.  Follow the project through my Facebook page.