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Hack Your Flow State

Hack Your Flow State Workshop @chezsimoneWhat is it to be in the flow? to groove, to feel at one, oneness, bigger than yourself and connected to everything? 

In this 2 hr workshop we'll explore through our bodies, emotions and mind how to access this incredible state and train ourselves to be there in any moment of our daily lives.  A way of being, a way of life.  Yoga asanas that flow and web with our breath, noticing how minute changes in our attitudes can make or break us!  Pranayama to master our minds, calm the emotions or wake up our energy.  Yoganidra to deeply go inwards to plant our seeds of inspiration and intention. Chanting to commune with vibration of our making and with others.  Compassion and Gratitude Meditation to enter the flow state.  Teaching from the latest neuroscience research, yogic wisdom from the ancient source of India as taught to me by Swamis in the Dashnami Tradition of Saraswati.