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Transform Transmute Transmit

Transform Transmute Transmit

From 3pm/21 July to 11am/27 July  2018 at the  Steinbock Hotel, Vals Switzerland

A full throttle Adventure Retreat for those whose greatest desire is to live an Epic Life. Do you operate at your highest self?  Do you get the juice out of life? Can you find balance through your body, your mind and your spirit?

When was the last time you slept under the stars? How about the last time you really felt hungry? Losing interest in life? Not sleeping well? Suffering from Full Plate/Empty Life syndrome? Need a stronger body, to feel your limits, achieve your dreams? Enhance memory and concentration? Cultivate a positive attitude? Refurbish your emotional outlook? Connect to your deepest desire? When was the last time you did something for the first time in your life? If these questions are knocking on your door then please join me for this exceptional epic adventure for you within a mind-fully and spirit-fully inspired group at the Steinbock Hotel in the Swiss Alps.

We going to Deep Dive into the 3T’s: Transform Transmute Transmit

This adventure is NOT a temporary solution but a life changing opportunity to learn how to push your RESET button. Encompassing hatha yoga cleansing practices, yoga asanas, breath work, 2 hours of meditation teaching/practice per day, sauna and cold plunging, vegetarian, homemade cooking and the healthy alpine air, thermal water and energy of Vals.

BIG CHANGES. Reaching down into my yogic roots I’ll teach a holistic yogic program—a combination of holistic practices that are rarely taught in yoga studios.  After following a 5-day (pre-retreat) kick-starter eating plan (to get off caffeine, meat and whites) everyone is enabled to start off Retreat Day 1 with the practice of Lagoo Shanshankprakshalana (a classic detox teaching from the ancient manuscript Hatha Yoga Pradipika).  The goal is to purify different systems of the body so that energy will be able to flow freely through your entire system and facilitate the capacity to meditate, for introspection and for wellbeing. I will teach Kunjal Kriya, another typical yogic detox practice that I learned over 15 years ago in India. Kungal Kriya helps to eliminate stagnated and undigested energy within us. You will let go, the body will relax and the mind frees up space to be able to RESET.

DAILY ROUTINE: up early at 6h30 because you slept deeply for 8 hours. Drink a large glass or two of the Valser water with apple vinegar or lemon juice then swing open the windows and breathe in the crisp, pure air. Dip in the mountain stream or the cold plunge...a daily bathing ritual before our morning practices. With a stunning vista of the alps we start our yogic practice: chanting, short meditation, then a combination of gentle then dynamic asanas, breath work and more meditation.

Breakfast is a joyous moment to break the morning silence, share the meal and yourself: taking the time to savor the food and drink as well as the company. The early afternoon is slated for alpine walks with a picnic lunch, alternating moments in silence with mindful conversation and including stops for sitting meditation practice in the nature. Afterwards, return to the Steinbock Hotel for either a sauna detox/cold plunge followed by a good nap, reading, relaxing, yoga nidra or just taking in the view. Dinner at 19h30 followed by our evening meditation program. (Please note: a massage therapist will be available during our week for those who wish to book treatments).

Some yoga/meditation experience is helpful but not essential for this retreat. I believe everything is already there IN YOU if you have the intention to reset, I’ll help you find the key and you open the door. I teach, you learn through your direct experience—not a book nor MOOC! And when we finish the week you’ll be able to put together yoga routine and a 20minute meditation on your own. I’ve taught over 15 retreats in Vals and have over 28 years of experience in mind-body wellness. These days I’m here to teach how to collect experiences, not things and helping others to find more meaning in their lives rather than their bank accounts.

NIGHT OUT! For those who desire, we will spend one night under the stars, around a campfire, in the wild. Most likely Cosmic Photographer, Snowboarder, Nature Lover and Vals Native Markus Casutt-Gartmann’ll accompany us. Watch the stars come out, meditate in a remote natural environment, reconnect deeply to the planet, the stars and yourself.  We’ll also spend time in the woods, taking in the energy of the amazing alpine forest.  What I’ve experienced since early childhood, the need to be in the forest-- is now become popular as « forest therapy ».  Each of us will find a place to just sit, be and feel the elements of the forest, using our senses to learn to « come back to our senses » getting off the digital connection and onto our inner connection.

DELICIOUS The 3T’s retreat nourishment is composed of carefully prepared vegetarian cuisine, organic and local when possible, deliciously prepared meals and drinks—healthy and balanced.  Full breakfast brunch with berries, yogurts, farm-fresh eggs, local cheeses and butter, home baked breads, almond milk, nuts and other fruits.  Packed lunchbox: ready to go out for excursions in the forest and mountain Alps.  Dinner: soups, salads and main course varied each day with something sweet to finish!  Focusing always on quality and not quantity.

Your Guide: Holly Niemela is a Paris-based Wellness expert, mind-body therapist and yoga/meditation teacher with 30 years of experience. Holly has become an ”ambassador of wellness” guiding individuals, groups and companies towards better health and wellness. In 2009, she was part of the first group of teachers to bring mindfulness to France with Jon Kabat-Zinn’s MBSR. She is one of 100+ worldwide certified teachers of the Google developed program “Search Inside Yourself, the unexpected path to success & happiness at work.” Anchored in neuroscience and evidenced-based research, common sense from years of experience and a dose of intuition, Holly’s conferences, programs and international get-away retreats highlight how ancient practices can be adapted for our fast-paced, digital world to develop our inner connection to outwardly create, collaborate, and be compassionate human beings.


1200€ Price Per Person double occupancy 1500€ Price Per Person single occupancy. Including 6 nights in a comfy, cozy room (all wood and stone chalet) w/ private bathroom, 3 vegetarian, healthy meals per day, sauna/cold plunge and all Yogic teaching & guiding (5+hrs per day). Not included: transportation to/from/within Vals nor daily hotel tax.

*IF paid by your company please contact Holly for price quotation


I have booked the whole of Hotel Steinbock for our group: 12-14 places. Please reserve your spot by contacting Holly. All reservations must be paid by credit card or wire transfer by 8 June 2018.  No refunds given after this date unless someone takes your place.

Holly NiemelaMindful & Peaceful Interventions 45 rue de la Harpe 75005 Paris France hollyniemela@orange.frtel +33 682 58 4505

Sport Hotel Steinbock CH - 7132 Vals Swiss Tel. +41 81 935 13 13 or