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Change Your Mindset new date coming for end jan early feb 2019







Reciprocal Mentoring* in collaboration with students from Ecole42

Change Your Mindset is a one day individual and team building event to experience first hand how to surpass your own limitations and gain awareness to better connect with your body and mind and with others. Each participant will be paired with a 42 student to dare, share and care. In combination with the reciprocal mentoring we will train our bodies/minds using a combination of practices inspired from the Wim Hof method and traditional practices from yoga and martial arts.   These include 3 pillars : body/focus/mind-set practices, breathing exercises, and cold therapy

(at the end of the day you will go into an ice-bath of 2°c).

WHAT you will experience :

·      Mentoring exchanges throughout the day with your assigned partner

·      Kriya Yoga Flow, Meditation and Attention Training, Breathing Practices

·     Inspirations from the Wim Hof Method

-ICE BATH immersion-

·      Communication exercises to enhance cooperation & collaboration skills

·      Healthy light lunch and drinks

·      Speed dating style informal exchanges

·      Wrap Up : talk, meditation, what now ?

FOR WHO ? This event is suitable for anyone wanting a deeper understanding of themselves and how they interact with others in an individual, leadership and team environment. The day offers the opportunity to learn practices to become more in-tune with yourself and to have an awareness-enhancing-awakening experience.

BENEFITS of cold water training :

·      Vital oxygen will be flooding your body, alkalizing your system for various health benefits

·      Still breath = still mind = inner peace

·      Energy rush 

·      Lower inflammation, release endorphins and happy hormones like dopamine

·      Astonishing long-term benefits : control your immune system, create strength & stamina, burn fat 

·      Enhanced deep sleep and cell regeneration

·      Discover the power of your mind/body/spirit and how you can take on challenges


BENEFITS of  Reciprocal Mentoring* : a relationship where neither party is designated "mentor". Each is a confidante and resource to the other. You share goals and encourage personal accountability. You each serve as a sounding board for ideas and a reality check for plans.

·      Insights into your personal reactive patterns & limiting assumptions

·      Toolbox to increase presence, confidence, compassion & humor

·      Understand synchronisation of body/mind = unity/clarity into action

·      Increased capacity to live with paradox & tension of opposites

·      Access bigger picture & sense of value when under pressure

·      Speak your truth w power & clarity w/out agression

·      Recover balance & clarity when faced w dilemma

LANGUAGE : the event will be held in English

TEACHER-GUIDE-COACH : Holly Niemela is a Paris-based Wellness Expert, Performance/Agility Trainer and Facilitator.  With 30 years as a mind-body trainer/coach and yoga/meditation teacher, Holly has become an ambassador of wellness, guiding individuals, teams and companies towards optimal performance and well-being.  For her dedication to this work of bringing emotional intelligence, mindfulness and meditation to companies, she was named by the french magazine Challenges as one of the 500 Chances for France 2017. Holly is one of 100 worldwide certified teachers of the Google developed program “Search Inside Yourself, the unexpected path to success & happiness at work.”

Anchored in neuroscience and evidenced-based research, common sense from years of experience and a dose of intuition, Holly’s conferences, programs and international retreats highlight how ancient practices can be adapted for our fast-paced, digital world to develop our inner connection to outwardly create, collaborate, and be compassionate human beings. 

Watch here the VIDEO of last year's edition.


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