Search Inside Yourself, born and tested at Google, backed up by neuroscience.


Search Inside Yourself (SIY) is a highly interactive program that blends awareness based tools from mindfulness, emotional intelligence and neuroscience to awaken the best in people and organisations.  This program has been tested and perfected at Google along with hundreds of organisations, universities and companies the world over. I am honored to be one of the 100 worldwide certified teachers able to deliver the programs of the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (SIYLI) specifically to Europe.


In today's extremely fast paced and changing world we need to learn how to build resilience for our workforce and leaders.  The capacity to concentrate has fallen dramatically over the last 20 years and learning how to re-focus on one task at a time instead of multi-tasking is a priority for efficiency.  Our climate at work is presenting problems that we have never before encountered--how can we learn to think out of the box?  These reasons and more are addressed in the SIY program--and remember, it's backed up by neuroscience research.  Overall, we wish to inspire companies to learn how to thrive by developing the human inter-connection through mindful listening, compassion training and positivity.

This training program encompasses techniques to boost and enhance performance, to learn to lead with compassion and insight and to understand and access wellness.  SIY teaching coupled with experiential learning includes the following components to develop optimal being : 

  • Self-Awareness. Learn practical techniques to direct your “spotlight of attention,” the gateway to personal and emotional growth.
  • Self-Management. Practice in-the-moment tools to pause, reflect, and navigate challenges while staying balanced.
  • Emotional Resilience. Bounce back faster with a growth-oriented mindset and physiological stress management.
  • Communicating with Insight. Empathy is a trainable skill to enhance communication–but only by pairing it with positive mindset can we avoid burnout in relationships.
  • Alignment & Envisioning. Leadership requires setting a vision. SIY practices like journaling activate the “predictive brain,” enhancing our ability to vision a new direction.
  • Leadership Presence. Our emotional and mental states are contagious. Learn to tune in to the signals you’re broadcasting.


SIY can be delivered in different ways and we are ready to work together to find the best solution for your needs.  The base program is a 2 day session with 4 weeks of integrative learning and follow-up.  A half day introductory program can be delivered before in order to spark interest and energy--teachings plus interactive practices. Finally, an inspirational keynote session of 1 hour is available for your organisation for workshops, conferences or to address your Board of Directors.  

Once the program is completed it is highly recommended to follow up with coaching sessions to build an on-going program, to stimulate the learning or provide expertise within your structure.  Our possibilities:

  • COMPLETE SEARCH INSIDE YOURSELF PROGRAM :  2 days with a 4 week follow-up and possibility to complete and sustain the training with the whil app

new ONLINE APP :  SIYLI has joined forces with whil, the leader in digital training in mindfulness meditation, yoga and leadership for individuals and companies.  This plateforme and app helps to keep you team in flow after one of our interventions by providing expert guidance in embodiment practices, attention training/meditation and relaxation. Beautifully structured, featuring longtime teachers, whil is an excellent tool for participants to be guided in their practice and learning post-SIY.